Firefox 64-bit Nightly a1 14.0

Web browser with 64-bit capabilities to provide faster and better performance

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    Nightly a1 14.0

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    Windows 7 / Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 10

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    6.8 (355)

Firefox 64-bit is a powerful and customizable web browser optimized for 64-bit platforms.

Perhaps due to its community-oriented nature, Mozilla was slow to deliver a 64-bit version of its incredibly popular Firefox web browser. In fact, for a while, loyal Firefox users had to turn to a Firefox offshoot that was available in a 64-bit version sooner. Mozilla does deserve some credit. Part of the reason for the delay was that it wanted to do the job well, and a true conversion to 64-bit is no small undertaking. Finally, it’s here, and all users can continue to enjoy the browser they love.

Firefox is a browser that continues to perform well against fierce competition from browsers such as Internet Explorer/Edge and Google Chrome. Speed has always been a priority for the Firefox team, and the 64-bit version may be the fastest browser on the market. The user interface, which has sometimes lagged behind, has gotten up to speed as well and now boasts all the modern features users expect.

The UI is intuitive, which helps new users, but also organized in a way that serves advanced users well. Navigation is simple and user-friendly, and page loads and transitions are impressively fast. The UI features tabs, synchronization and a backup/restore mechanism, as well as a customization mechanism lets you add and remove elements to suit it to your tastes. There’s also an option to retrieve a tab you’ve inadvertently closed, which is very handy. Inline search helps you find what you’re looking for fast, and research is assisted by sticky notes, robust browsing histories and other integrated features.

Customization goes far beyond UI layout and aesthetics. You can also add, enhance and replace features via add-ons. Mozilla includes, but doesn’t enable, some of these add-ons with the default installation, such as the ability to surf by voice. Firefox also boasts an active community of add-on develops. There are thousands of extensions to choose from and all are free to download and use.

Firefox also excels in the security department and being 64-bit has made the web browser even more secure. It can even detect threats, including malware and phishing. An incognito mode lets you surf the Web in relative privacy and without leaving a trail. Automatic updates, which you can turn off, ensure the browser remains secure, and a slate of security settings let you configure Firefox on a granular level.

Firefox has always been a bit slow to get going, such as the first time you load it, and the 64-bit version still lags behind its competition. The good news is the modern computers are becoming so fast that you may not even notice. Even if you do, it may not be a big price to pay. Support is another issue. There’s an extensive knowledge base and a community-based support team but no official support.


  • Optimized for 64-bit environments
  • Fast, smooth and stable performance
  • Secure web browser
  • Lots of customization


  • Slow initialization
  • Support is community-driven only

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